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What to watch for with the Oculus Touch controllers

What to watch for with the Oculus Touch controllers

The Oculus Touch headset is a virtual reality device with a touchscreen.

The Oculus Home controller is the primary controller for the Oculus Rift.

When it comes to the virtual world, Oculus is taking a different approach.

This week, the company is showing off the first new Oculus Touch controller design that doesn’t feature a touchscreen: the “Oculus Touch Pro.”

The “Pro” looks like the Oculus Home Pro, with a small bump to the left of the touch pad, but has a touchscreen in place of a touchpad.

While the Pro version is smaller and lighter than the Home Pro model, it is also the first version of the Oculus Pro with a touch screen.

The “Touch Pro” isn’t a fully-featured controller, but it is a step in the right direction.

The first step is that the Pro controller has a physical button, but unlike the Home and Rift Pro models, the Pro model doesn’t have any dedicated buttons for gestures.

That’s because the Pro controllers touchpad is a separate sensor, which means the Pro Touch Pro’s sensor is designed to work with a keyboard, not a mouse.

The sensors are located on the bottom of the controller, just above the touchpad and the right edge of the device.

When the Pro touchpad connects to the Oculus touchpad, the sensor is configured to send information to the headset.

For example, the controller can send “up” and “down” commands to the controller.

When you press the touch button on the Pro, the motion sensors on the controller send information about the movement of the object, such as whether the object is moving forward or backward.

The Pro controller doesn’t support touch-based gestures, but Oculus has designed the Pro Pro controller to support them.

In other words, the touch-capable Pro Pro will let you play a game with a physical controller.

The controller doesn

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