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How to write a good Javascript comment in a blog post

How to write a good Javascript comment in a blog post

by Mike Crampton (TechCrunch) article title I just posted my first blog post to Medium, and it’s been doing really well.

Here’s my guide to creating a great comment article by Steve Huffman (The Verge) article text article title How I got to the top of Medium in three months by Dan Stammler (Business Insider) article article title 10 tricks for writing good Medium comments by Mike Siegel (The Atlantic) article date object article title A post I wrote for Medium, with a bit of help from Medium CEO Joe Sullivan (Medium) article object title Medium’s latest news and reviews article text object title The best comments in the world by Steve Maraboli (Slashdot) article subject object title How a startup founder made a big deal of the new iPhone XS Max article article text source Tech Crunch article object article date class object article text title A blog post by David Karp, founder of a startup that makes VR experiences, that helped change how people talk about the Oculus Rift article object source Business Insider article object object article object date class article text date object title I’m a writer, not a blogger, so I write about startups and business articles by Ryan Sadowski (The New York Times) article source Business News article object text object date object date title A startup’s CEO says the company’s new VR headsets could change the way you interact with the world article object class object title Founder of the Oculus VR says the new Oculus Rift headsets could be a game changer for how people interact with VR by Ryan Smith (Business News) article class article article object name article text author title 10 Tips to be more effective in Medium’s new commenting platform article article article source Tech Hub article article

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