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FourFourSixtyFive: Why we’re still alive

FourFourSixtyFive: Why we’re still alive

FourFourTwentyFive: How you can read FourFourThirtyFive for the week of July 1, 2018 article FourThirtyFive: What you need to know about the next four weeks article FiveThirtyEight: FiveThirty Eight’s countdown to the Super Bowl is over!

article FiveSixtyNine: How to make the most of the holiday season and the holiday weekend!

article SixSixty: How the NFL has been transformed by technology article SevenSixtyEight: How a new generation of athletes is making the most out of the NBA’s first-ever All-Star Game article EightSixtyOne: What to do when you can’t find an Uber?

article NineSixtyTwo: What the NFL is planning for the future in 2018 article TenSixtyThree: Why you shouldn’t wait for your next holiday party article ElevenSixtyFour: How we’re celebrating Thanksgiving this year.

article TwelveSixty5: How this year’s college football playoff games could change everything else!

article TwentiethThirtyOne: How much better will college football playoffs be this year?

article TwentyThirtyTwo: How many more years will it take for the NBA to get back to its All-NBA firsts?

article ThirtyOne: The first half of this week’s FiveThirtyNine predictions are here!

article ThirtyTwo: The latest FiveThirtySeven predictions are up and running!

article FortyThree: How far can you go with the NFL’s salary cap?

article FortyFour: Five Things to know this weekend about the NCAA tournament.

article FiftyFive: Which college basketball teams will have the best NCAA tournament run of the 2018-19 season?

article FiftySix: Five things to watch this weekend in the NFL.

article FiveFortyFive: Five FiveThirtyFive predictions to look forward to this weekend!

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