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Watch: ‘A Day Without a Country’

Watch: ‘A Day Without a Country’

The ABC has obtained exclusive footage from a Day Without A Country fundraiser in which supporters gather in Sydney’s Hyde Park to show their support for Indigenous Australians.

The film shows the gathering on Wednesday night.

It shows some supporters in the front of the event wearing T-shirts that read: ”A Day without a Country.”

“This is the first time we’ve seen the footage of people wearing the T-shirt, which is pretty much unheard of in Australia,” Mr Brown said.

The campaign started last year after Indigenous Affairs Minister Scott Morrison was elected to Parliament, and the government announced it would end the visa waiver scheme for refugees.

“I think we’ve done a fantastic job at making it very clear that this is a very different world than the world we live in and the people that are coming into our country,” Mr Morrison said in August.

Mr Brown said he was “overwhelmed” by the support from the community, who “have been very generous” and “welcomed” him to the event.””

The fact that it’s a group of people in the Hyde Park is something that I think makes it a very positive thing for our country.”

Mr Brown said he was “overwhelmed” by the support from the community, who “have been very generous” and “welcomed” him to the event.

“We’ve been able to see the effect that the visa waivers have had in the economy and we’ve also seen the effect of refugees on our community, because refugees come in and there’s not enough work to go around,” he said.

“So this is really a way for us to show our support to the people of Australia, to show that we are here for them, we love them and we want to see them come here.”


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