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Is JavaScript really dead?

Is JavaScript really dead?

A few years ago, Microsoft’s first Windows platform, Windows NT, ran on an embedded computer platform, not unlike the ARM-based processors that power modern smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft’s Windows 2000 platform, based on the OS, was a platform for personal computers running Windows NT.

It wasn’t until Windows XP that the platform became a platform that ran on the ARM chips found in modern mobile devices.

Since then, Windows has been running on the same hardware that powers the ARM platform.

Today, Windows is a platform of the cloud, not just a hardware platform.

Microsoft announced that the company will no longer be using the ARM architecture for the future of its Windows platform.

It’s not a major change; it’s just a change in the platform’s design.

“We think the Windows platform is a good platform for people to run Windows applications,” says Andrew Miller, Microsoft VP for Windows and Devices.

But Microsoft also says it’s not changing how Windows is built.

The new architecture is designed to be faster and easier to use, it says.

“The goal here is to simplify and simplify the platform,” says Miller.

“In the coming months we’ll be focusing more on making it easier to get started and easier for developers to get up and running.”

The company said it would be changing the way the Windows operating system looks, the way it interacts with other Windows devices, and the way its applications interact with other applications.

Microsoft will also be using a new type of Windows operating systems called Windows Runtime that will run on ARM processors instead of the ARM cores that powered Windows 95 and Windows 98.

It will also start to use a new “Windows as a Service” or “Windows Store” model, where Windows applications run on a third-party cloud service.

In other words, Microsoft will be making Windows more like a mobile operating system.

And it will also stop using ARM chips for the next-generation ARM processors that powered the current generation of Windows.

Miller says the change is designed so that developers can easily use the Windows 10 version of Windows to create their own applications and that they will have a way to run them.

“Microsoft is taking the Windows experience from a platform to a service and the service to a platform,” he says.

Microsoft said it will use its “new approach” to create a new Windows OS that will be “more focused on performance and responsiveness, with less risk and complexity.”

For instance, Microsoft said Windows 10 will not include a version of the Universal Windows Platform, a standard for creating applications and sharing code across the operating system platform.

Instead, it will run a Universal Windows App, which is a subset of the “Universal Windows Platform” that Microsoft will use for Windows 10.

Microsoft is still working on the Windows Runtime, but the company is working to make it more like the Windows Platform and a more lightweight and efficient version of that OS.

Microsoft also said it is creating new Windows-specific features, such as a “Windows Insider Program” that allows users to get early access to new Windows features.

It said it has begun rolling out a Windows Insider Program for developers and is looking to add more Windows features to the OS.

The company is also introducing the “Windows 10 Home” and “Windows Hub” platforms, which will be built on the current “Windows” desktop OS and allow users to use Windows on a smartphone or tablet device that runs the current version of Microsoft’s desktop OS.

There are several features and technologies in Windows 10 that have been built into the OS that are not yet supported by the existing version of this operating system, according to Miller.

Microsoft has also announced that it will continue to support the Windows 8.1 desktop OS on mobile devices that run Windows RT.

Windows RT is a mobile version of a Windows desktop OS that is built on a different platform.

That means that Microsoft is not making the Windows OS compatible with all mobile devices, including the ones that run the latest version of Android, iOS, and Chrome OS.

“Windows is not designed to run on these devices, so we’re not supporting them,” Miller says.

The changes to Windows 10, which include the changes to the Windows UI and other features, are expected to take effect in the next couple of months.

“With the new Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile platforms, we’re introducing a more modern, modern OS that’s focused on being a platform where developers can create great Windows applications and to be able to run that Windows app in a variety of devices,” says Microsoft’s Miller.

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