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Al Jazeera’s video report on the Syrian civil war: ‘We are the refugees’

Al Jazeera’s video report on the Syrian civil war: ‘We are the refugees’

Al Jazeera has obtained a video report by Al Jazeera on the unfolding Syrian civil conflict.

In the video, Syrian opposition activists describe how they have been prevented from returning to the besieged town of Hama after being barred from entering Syria by the regime.

They say the government is using its vast weapons stockpile to protect itself and its military allies, as well as civilians, who are now living in the area.

They call on the international community to protect civilians, particularly children, who have been caught up in the violence.

In addition, they call for the international peacekeeping force UNMISS (UN-Mossad) to protect civilian populations and civilians from attacks by the Syrian army and other militias, as this is in the best interest of the Syrian people.

Al Jazeera spoke to two members of the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a militia that the Syrian government accuses of attacking its positions and civilians in recent days.

The FSA is backed by Iran and Russia, as it is in opposition to President Bashar al-Assad.

Al Jazeerah said the footage was made with the help of an international team of international journalists who travelled to Syria to document the violence, including interviewing opposition fighters and witnesses.

The footage is below.

Al-Jazeerat said it was not aware of any specific restrictions or restrictions on the FSA or its fighters, but that it has received reports of government attacks on FSA members and civilians.

Al Jaberat is an independent news organisation, whose work focuses on human rights, conflict and violence in Syria.

Al Sabah is an opposition group based in Damascus.

Al Jamilah is a pro-opposition Syrian news site.

It also does reports on Syria, such as Al Jazeera Middle East.

Al Tariq is an investigative journalism project which examines the impact of media, politics and power in the Arab world.

Al Arabiya is a Arabic-language network broadcast from the United Arab Emirates.

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