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When I was in a coma, my brain was my best friend: ‘I used to think it was my brain that was my friend’

When I was in a coma, my brain was my best friend: ‘I used to think it was my brain that was my friend’

The following is an excerpt from my new book The Brain that Changed My Life: My Journey from Brain To Brain, which is now available for pre-order from Vice Books and Amazon.com.

When I first went to sleep, I didn’t think my brain had changed at all.

At that point, I was an intern at the University of Pittsburgh’s Neuroscience Center, which was just one of the many research facilities in the city, like Stanford and MIT.

At one point, we were in a room with a dozen other neuroscientists.

I was the only one of them who was not a scientist.

I sat on the edge of a bench and waited for the others to get up and leave.

One of them told me I was being an idiot.

It was October 2003, and I was doing some research at an old university campus in southern France.

I had the good fortune to be working in a lab full of neuroscientist and neuroscientistic engineers.

I’d been on staff there for a couple of years when I began to feel the effects of the stroke that took my wife’s life a few months earlier.

I didn�t know what had happened to my brain, so I thought that maybe I had a stroke, and maybe my brain would be different.

I told the engineers, �My brain is amazing, but my brain doesn�t work the way it should.� I started to feel really bad.

I started thinking that I didn���t have a brain.

I just didn���ve been in a dark place for a long time.

I spent days trying to figure out what I was thinking, and when I finally realized I wasn�t thinking at all, I just couldn�t believe it.

It didn�ts seem like I had any control over my brain at all; it seemed like I was controlling my thoughts and my body.

After that day, I started asking myself questions like, Why was I doing this?

Why did I have to do this?

What was going on with me?

The answers I got were very similar to the ones I had gotten in medical school, and that became my new normal.

As I continued to research, I began seeing the same patterns: The brain is not doing what it should be doing.

The brain, when it has a good memory, is good at remembering what happened a couple weeks ago, and it can do that well when it is thinking about something that happened a year ago.

But when I look at the brain when I was awake, it seemed to be having trouble remembering what I just heard, what I thought about yesterday, and even things that happened two or three months ago.

The patterns were there.

The memory, as far as I could tell, was a little bit of the wrong way around.

I found myself thinking about things like: Why did this happen to me?

Why am I in this position?

And then, when I asked myself these questions, I found that I was able to see the connections between those things, but not understand them.

So what I had done was a kind of brainwashing.

The problem was, the pattern of thinking was totally different from what I expected it to be.

When people talk about brainwashing, they mean a person does something that is completely wrong and they are able to change their behavior and become like them.

But for me, my thinking patterns were completely different.

It wasn� t just the bad memories that I had, it was the patterns that were completely out of sync with what I wanted to do.

I realized, When I see someone who has this problem, I should see them not as a person who is being manipulated, but as a good person.

I would say, What are you doing with your life?

What are the things that are causing this problem?

And I would see that it wasn�nt the things I wanted it to look like.

And that was the problem.

My thinking was out of synch with my life.

I wanted more from my life, but I wasn’t getting it.

And then it happened.

In the next few weeks, I realized I was experiencing a neurological disorder called neurodiversity.

I became convinced that my brain didn� t work like I thought it did.

I needed to get back to being myself, and the only way to do that was to start to understand how my brain worked.

So I began looking into the neuroscience of memory, and as I did, I discovered that I knew more about the structure of my brain than I thought I did.

There was a huge disconnect between the brain and the brain.

It seemed like my brain wasn�ts trying to remember what happened to me, but it was really trying to rewrite my past.

So when I started looking into this stuff, I saw that the brain was actually the only part of the brain that I really had

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