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Google’s $2 billion effort to build a ‘smart cloud’ is a ‘tremendous undertaking’

Google’s $2 billion effort to build a ‘smart cloud’ is a ‘tremendous undertaking’

In the midst of a massive data explosion, Google has been investing heavily in cloud computing infrastructure, building an artificial intelligence-powered data center in Switzerland, and hiring an army of data scientists to help build out the company’s cloud.

It’s a big investment and one that Google says it hopes to make in the next year. 

It also seems to be a sign that Google is finally taking the long view on cloud computing and is looking to be more transparent about the technology. 

Google says that it has made a “tremending investment” in cloud technology, but it’s unclear how much of this is being funded by Google, or what Google’s actual use of the technology is.

Google isn’t the only tech company investing in cloud.

Amazon recently rolled out a $250 million cloud computing project that includes a research center, data centers, and data centers in the US, the UK, and Europe.

Google, on the other hand, seems to have been quietly investing in the field for a while. 

In May of last year, Google announced that it had purchased the cloud services startup Cloud Foundry.

That acquisition included the purchase of a cloud computing platform and an engineering team.

In June of last month, Google hired an army (and a bunch of cloud engineers) from AWS to work on a new research and development team.

Google said that the team will focus on building a new data center that will be the “next Google cloud.”

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