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Microsoft exec: ‘If we’re going to be the best, we need to be agile’

Microsoft exec: ‘If we’re going to be the best, we need to be agile’

Microsoft’s head of software engineering, Alex Kipman, has said that Microsoft’s “vast” software engineering team will be the company’s “flagship” product when it launches its next major version of Windows.

Speaking during the companywide general conference, which took place in Seattle on Friday, Kipmans comments came after the company announced the next major iteration of its Windows OS, codenamed Project Spartan.

The company’s new flagship operating system is slated to be released in April 2020, and will bring a slew of major changes to the way Windows is managed.

In addition to the new operating system, which will be built from the ground up, the company will also include a new “modern apps” feature which will allow apps to run in modern browsers, as well as an update to the operating system’s “Metro” theme.

Kipman’s comments, which came during a Q&A session, were also reported by The Verge.

The comments came just days after Microsoft released its new operating systems “Pro” and “Ultimate” versions of its operating systems, and earlier this month, Kipsons remarks echoed those of other key Windows executives.

“Windows is a huge team,” Kipmen said during a Microsoft event at the company headquarters in Seattle.

“If we are going to have the best software engineering teams, we’re probably going to need to have a massive team, we’ve got to be a leader.

And I think we’re the best team at that, and that’s what I’m excited about.

We’re really looking forward to that.

I think it’s just a great opportunity for our business.

It’s not just a business opportunity.

It really is the best opportunity we’ve had in a long time.”

Kipmans, who previously served as the head of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Windows Phone teams, was also asked during the conference what it was like to lead a team that had previously worked on the likes of Android and iOS.

“There are lots of teams and people at Microsoft that have been at the top of their field,” Kipsman replied.

“I’ve got a really good sense of the culture that’s in place.

I’ve been fortunate to be in that space.

But it’s an incredible opportunity.””

I’m really excited about working with the team at Microsoft to create the best version of the OS that we can.”

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