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Which browsers support CSS3 transforms?

CSS transforms enable users to manipulate elements of their web pages and to display text and images with a consistent look and feel.

With the support of CSS3, browsers can make the browser look like they’re running the original CSS file and can support several stylesheets that were originally developed for that purpose.

While browsers support the older style sheets, the newer CSS transforms are supported by many of the latest browsers.

With all of these features, you can expect the web to look and behave much better with CSS3.

Read on to learn how to set up a CSS transformation.

What is a CSS transform?

CSS transforms can help make your web pages look and act like the original HTML file.

The browser automatically applies CSS transforms to elements on the page, making them look like the CSS file that was originally created.

The source: https://css-traces.org/wiki/Types_of_transform_support_and_conversions#Transforms_that_translate.

What does this mean for my web pages?

CSS transform changes are applied automatically to elements of your HTML pages and are applied to them automatically as well.

This means that if you change the background color of a section of your web page, it will look and function the same way.

What about animations?

Some browsers will automatically apply a CSS transition to certain elements of a page, while other browsers may require you to manually set a CSS animation to certain parts of your page.

The transition can be applied in any order that you like.

For example, in the example above, the background will look different in browsers that automatically apply CSS transforms, while in browsers without CSS transforms you will need to manually apply the transition.

How do I apply CSS transform effects?

To apply CSS transformation effects to elements, you must use the CSS transform effect selector, which is a special tag that contains CSS transformations that you can use to change the look and/or feel of an element on the web.

This is done by using the transform attribute of the element:


You can also use the

tag to create a more complicated CSS transition.

<!– this CSS transforms the background of the


–> <!– a <p

This is the effect that will apply the CSS transformation to the my-animated-element

element in the -10px

, with the transition value being the value of the CSS transition attribute of


This example will cause the background to change color to black and a little text to appear:

This will cause a element to be animated.

This will be visible to all users on the webpage.


tag will not automatically transform a

, you have to use the transform effect on the element and the element to set the value to the desired value: {{my.transition}} <!– this selector will apply a to the text, then a will be added.

–> {{text}} <!– if you are using an element with an id of text, you will want to add an additional .

This example will create a (text) element that will transform the text in the text input field into a

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