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When Facebook pays for ads, Google gets more of the internet’s data

When Facebook pays for ads, Google gets more of the internet’s data

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN, announced today that it will be spending $100 million to buy advertising for online browsers, search engines, and other companies.

The money is part of a $1.2 billion investment that Facebook announced last month to help it grow its social media presence.

ICANN said that this new round of money will help Facebook build out its advertising platform in new ways, including new tools for targeting advertisers and new advertising revenue models that are more transparent and accessible to consumers.

Facebook’s investment in advertising is part, in part, of its plan to grow its online presence beyond the hundreds of millions of people who use its website.

ICAN says that the new ad buys will be used to increase the quality of its content, which will be shared with advertisers.

The social media giant says it plans to use this new revenue stream to expand its advertising products and services, including more targeted ads for news, entertainment, and health-related topics.

ICANA has long been interested in ad revenue from the Internet, and in 2012, the organization signed a deal with Facebook to buy ads on its site.

That agreement expired in 2016, and Facebook has been making big bets on ad revenue over the past several years.

But as Facebook has become a more powerful player in the online advertising market, it has faced pressure to do more to improve its online ad platform.

ICANCan announced this year that it had reached an agreement with Google to sell ads to the search giant through its AdSense network.

ICancan said it plans the AdSense deal to be the largest in its history, with more than $2 billion in total ad revenue.

ICNA says that Facebook has also invested in AdSense to help the social media company better serve users.

ICana said in its announcement today that the AdWords deal will allow Facebook to deliver targeted advertising to a wider set of advertisers, and also to provide additional revenue streams for advertisers.

ICann said that Facebook will be using this new advertising to better serve its users.

Facebook is also using the $100m to invest in its ad platform, according to ICANN.

The company will also be investing in new tools and advertising software that will allow it to improve and improve its social network, ICANA said.

ICONews reported in July that ICANN has made a commitment of $500 million for the next three years to fund social media advertising.

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