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How to build a $500 billion infrastructure bill with a few tricks

How to build a $500 billion infrastructure bill with a few tricks

Washington — Congress will face a new deadline to pass its infrastructure bill this week.

And for good reason: It’s a tough sell.

On Wednesday, the House passed a bill that aims to finance a $50 billion increase in the federal gas tax and a $1.5 trillion boost in the national highway trust fund, but the Senate has yet to act.

That’s where the Senate’s proposal comes in.

The bill would allow states to choose from a range of revenue-generating infrastructure projects, and it would boost funding for Amtrak, the nation’s first commuter rail service, by more than $1 billion.

If it were signed into law, the bill would also provide $1 trillion to the federal government for road construction and $500 million for infrastructure projects.

But the House bill also would allow the federal debt limit to be raised, which could have serious implications for Congress’s ability to raise the money.

The House version of the transportation bill would raise the debt limit again in September.

The Senate bill is unlikely to be brought to a vote until late January, and the Senate version would raise it again in January 2019.

That means the bill could face an immediate debt ceiling fight with the White House.

Senate Democrats have said they will not allow the debt ceiling to be lowered until the legislation passes.

But even if they fail to pass a bill by January 20, they can still try to force the House to agree to a higher borrowing limit.

If that fails, the Senate could vote to raise it on January 21, which would require the House and President Trump to agree.

The House will then have until March 15 to pass the bill.

If the House passes the Senate bill, it would then need to be signed into the national debt ceiling by the president.

It could then face an even bigger battle with the Obama administration.

If a deal is not reached, the debt will be permanently tied to the $16.7 trillion bill passed by the House.

If the debt can’t be raised by the expiration of the current debt limit, it could be automatically raised by a defaulting U.S. government.

That would cause a financial collapse, with billions of Americans losing their jobs, and trillions of dollars in debt.

The U.N. Security Council would have to decide whether to impose a new round of sanctions against the government, and Trump would have the power to unilaterally declare war on North Korea.

The debt limit showdown has also raised questions about Trump’s commitment to the country’s long-term financial health.

Trump has promised to make good on his campaign promise to put a major infrastructure bill on the president’s desk before the end of his term.

But that hasn’t been an easy sell for Republicans in the House, and Democrats have criticized the president for not doing more.

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