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Reddit has a new algorithm that will automatically remove posts with controversial content

Reddit has a new algorithm that will automatically remove posts with controversial content

title Reddit is adding new features to its news service to combat the rise of “cyber-bullying.”

The company has partnered with Facebook to build new tools that automatically remove controversial content that gets posted on its site.

“We’re going to be rolling out a new feature that automatically removes content that is in violation of Reddit’s rules,” the company said in a blog post.

The new tools, which will be rolling in as part of the company’s “news filtering” initiative, will include a “redirect” feature that will allow users to bypass the site’s algorithm and get back to the news that they want to read.

“Reddit is a community where people are encouraged to express themselves without fear of retaliation, and we think that if we can’t make that possible, we can at least make sure that it is,” Reddit CEO Ellen Pao wrote.

Reddit has long struggled with a growing number of users who use the site as a platform for trolling and harassment.

Over the past year, it has been embroiled in a controversy over whether moderators of certain communities had violated the site rules.

That controversy prompted the company to remove a number of controversial subreddits, including /r/?aboutme, /r?trolls, and /r#.

The company said it is now investigating the “misuse of this site” and “violations of the rules that it has set for itself.”

The new news filtering feature will allow Reddit users to “switch between ‘news’ and ‘troll’ filters,” Reddit said in the blog post, adding that it would continue to monitor the issue.

“This is a great opportunity to build community on Reddit and to help our community members make better decisions about their posts and interactions with each other,” Reddit wrote.

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