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What is Javascript?

What is Javascript?

Javascript is a programming language that allows programmers to write and run software.

It’s similar to HTML and JavaScript, but its syntax is slightly different.

Unlike HTML, JavaScript uses a set of instructions to specify how the code is to be written and executed.

The syntax is based on the concept of an abstract machine.

Each instruction is an abstract instruction and it has no dependencies on any other instructions, and can be written without regard to the input data.

In other words, JavaScript can run without the need for a computer.

Javascript can also be used for very simple tasks such as parsing documents or parsing images.

There are also a number of applications in the JavaScript programming language, which include JavaScript web pages, JavaScript applications, and JavaScript games.

Javascript is used by many developers to implement new and complex programs.

Examples of programs that use JavaScript include the web browser, web apps, web games, and audio/video applications.

JavaScript is also used to create many types of applications, including databases, image processing, game engines, and even online services.

There’s also a wide variety of applications written in JavaScript.

These include websites, games, web services, mobile apps, and a variety of third-party applications.

For more information on JavaScript, see this guide.

A lot of people have used JavaScript to build websites, which means they’re often built with JavaScript.

This includes websites written in HTML, and also web applications written using HTML and CSS.

This is the same code that JavaScript compiles into JavaScript, and that is why a lot of web applications are written in the Common Lisp language.

Another popular application is the JavaScript language used in mobile applications.

This language is based in the functional programming language Haskell.

Another important application is a browser plugin called WebKit.

The JavaScript engine that powers the browser and other modern web browsers is called the WebKit engine.

The WebKit JavaScript engine is used in most modern web and mobile browsers.

It is also one of the most popular JavaScript engines in use today.

WebKit has many other JavaScript engines.

One of them is called JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

JSON is an object-oriented programming language.

It allows programmers who know JavaScript to write programs that can be executed in JavaScript, which allows for much more flexible programming.

For a lot more information about JavaScript, check out this guide from the JavaScript Wiki.

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