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Which is better? – The Economist

Which is better? – The Economist

The Economist editor-in-chief says that while the British public has been getting used to the idea of a vote to leave the EU, a recent poll shows that many Britons don’t agree on which option is best.

In the Economist/YouGov poll, taken just after the Brexit vote, just 35 per cent of respondents said they’d prefer to remain in the EU while 43 per cent said they would prefer to leave.

The rest were unsure.

In contrast, 61 per cent believe the UK should leave the European Union and 51 per cent want to stay.

This has the potential to split the public, says The Economist/ YouGov editor- in-chief, Nick Robinson. 

“While the Brexit question is not as popular as it was for many of us in the past, it is not entirely irrelevant.

The referendum was a turning point in the Brexit debate, and the opinion poll figures have helped shape the debate in Britain for some time.

The British public are likely to be less sympathetic to the EU’s free movement, but they are also likely to see it as something that has to be protected, rather than simply thrown away.”

The poll also suggests that a significant number of people do not think that the UK can leave the single market, as it has been, but rather would like to be part of the European Economic Area (EEA), with no customs border between the EU and the UK.

The poll suggests that the Leave campaign has managed to get its message across to a wide section of the British population, and has shown it can attract a large group of supporters who do not necessarily share their views on the issue.

But the survey shows that the referendum results are not always well received by the general public, with a majority of respondents not believing the Brexit message they were delivered to.

This is partly down to the fact that they do not see the issue as one of the UK’s key priorities, and believe that the Brexit campaign is being presented in a negative way.

The Economist/ youGov poll shows a number of key issues which the Leave campaigners have tried to highlight, such as the threat of terrorism, immigration and a lack of control over immigration.

These issues are not seen as a big issue by the public in the UK, but are often seen as big concerns for the UK and the rest of the EU.

In contrast to the other polls, this survey has also found that the majority of Leave supporters want to remain within the single currency area, rather then the EEA, and are more likely to think that trade relations with the EU are better than with the rest the world.

The survey also found a significant increase in support for the Remain campaign, with almost two thirds of Leave voters saying that they would vote to stay in the European single market if it was possible to achieve a deal with the UK that they could accept. 

It is worth pointing out that this poll also shows that most Remain supporters have strong support for keeping the UK in the single European market. 

This support is also evident among those who are still voting Leave.

While the Remain side has gained ground on the Remain vote, it has also lost ground on supporters of the Leave side.

There is a wider divide over the impact of the Brexit decision, with the Leave camp saying that it has created a new era of uncertainty in the economy, with people not knowing what will happen to the economy in the future.

This has also been reflected in the opinions of those who voted Leave, with 47 per cent saying that the decision has caused more jobs losses than they have gained.

However, the poll also showed that the Remain camp has gained support among a wide range of voters. 

The poll found that 55 per cent would vote Leave if the EU did not provide a transitional deal to the UK before leaving the EU in March 2019, while 43% would vote Remain in a vote for Britain to remain part of Europe.

The poll was carried out between February 26 and March 2, and included 2,012 adults, including 4,061 people who voted in the Leave referendum, 2,022 who voted for Remain, and 1,038 who voted otherwise.

The poll has a credibility interval of 2.8 percentage points.

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