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How to fix the Senate’s filibuster rule

How to fix the Senate’s filibuster rule

The Senate is considering a bill that would eliminate the filibuster, or limit the number of votes a senator can garner in the chamber.

The move would be the first step in a broader overhaul of the Senate.

Senators have filibustered since the 1970s, when they used their power to block President Gerald Ford’s nominations to the Supreme Court and lower courts.

The measure would remove the filibuster completely, though it would still require a majority vote to overcome a filibuster.

The bill’s backers say the change would make it easier for senators to win votes and make it harder for opponents to block their efforts.

The bill would not have to be signed into law by President Donald Trump.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), who helped draft the proposal, said that he had hoped that the Senate would move on to other important legislation.

He told reporters that he believes the Senate has made some progress and the issue of the filibuster is not the primary focus, but he hopes it will eventually come up again.

He added that he has concerns about the effect on the economy, but did not elaborate.

The measure would allow senators to hold hearings and vote on legislation they had not considered, without needing to invoke cloture.

The filibuster is considered the “nuclear option” in the Senate, where all votes must be approved by majority vote.

Senors can still hold votes without invoking cloture, but that requires a two-thirds majority, and the bill would require a supermajority to move forward.

Sanders has made the filibuster a key issue of his 2016 presidential campaign, and he was among the first to introduce the proposal in the fall of 2016.

It has been a sticking point for Republicans in the past, particularly after the Supreme

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