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Fox News hosts say they ‘cant understand’ Trump tweets on Iraq timeline

Fox News hosts say they ‘cant understand’ Trump tweets on Iraq timeline

Fox News has apologized for airing a “nonsense” tweet on the timeline of U.S. troops killed in Iraq.

The conservative host of Fox & Friends on Tuesday morning said the tweet was wrong, but noted that the timeline was accurate and not inaccurate.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace said the timeline for U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley was accurate, but it didn’t reflect the timeline at the time of the tweets.

Wallace tweeted a graphic with the U.

Ns death numbers, but then said he couldn’t understand the logic behind the graphic.

He said he didn’t want to mislead viewers, and added, “The fact that you can’t see the graphic is the point.

It’s not because we are dumb.

It is because the graphic didn’t match what we were seeing.”

Trump tweeted Wednesday morning that he didn�t “see the graphics.”

He also criticized Fox News, saying it is trying to destroy him.

“The real problem here is @FoxNews and the media that cover me, and who fund me, want to get rid of me,” Trump tweeted.

Wallace said he had not seen the tweets but had been asked by the president to explain them.

He also noted that Trump had used the hashtags #firefox, #foxandfriends, and #FoxWeekend to call out the network.

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