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How to fix a faulty javascript function in your web browser? (CBS News) (CBS) How to Fix a Failing Javascript Function in Your Web Browser? ( CBS News ) ( CBS ) (CBSNews.com) A few days after a new CBS News video showed an elderly man with dementia having his wheelchair stolen from his wheelchair, it became a trending topic on Twitter. CBS News asked people to share the story on Twitter, but only a few people were able to use the hashtag to share their own experience. “I was in my house, in my driveway,” one man wrote. “I opened the door, I walked in and there’s a little boy with a cane walking around, on his back.” The man who shared his story shared a photo of the young man and said he was a little bit out of shape, but not physically impaired. He said he didn’t think much of it at first, until he noticed he had the same problem with his laptop. “The first thing I thought about was, ‘I can’t possibly do this to this person.’ I thought, ‘It’s not even a possibility,'” he told CBS News. The older man in the video was a member of the United States Veterans Administration who had served in Vietnam. He is also blind. He said he noticed that his wheelchair had been left behind. A little while later, he noticed his wheelchair was missing. “He took it back and he had it, and I just went, ‘Oh my god,’ he said. When he found out his wheelchair wasn’t in the house, he went back to his wheelchair. “And that’s when he noticed, ‘Wait a second, there’s no one around. There’s no evidence of what happened,'” he said of the incident. And while some have been skeptical about the story, many are starting to share stories on social media about the experience. CBS News found more than 1,200 stories that shared the story of someone who had their wheelchair stolen. Some have even found an online community that is dedicated to helping them find their lost device. “This was the first time that I had any type of emotional impact, and this was my first experience of being physically harmed, emotionally, mentally,” said the man in CBS News’ video. “So that’s what really changed my perspective and changed my approach to this situation.” Many people also have been searching for a solution to the problem. One person who helped to find the wheelchair said he learned from another disabled veteran who had to learn to walk again after being injured in combat. Another man who had his wheelchair taken said he found it easy to find someone to fix it, but it was not easy to get the wheelchair back. One man who said he had a hard time finding a replacement wheelchair said it took him two to three months to find one. “It was the hardest thing I have ever been through,” he said about finding his wheelchair and returning it. On Facebook, others have shared similar stories of lost and stolen items. There have also been a few suggestions for how to fix the problem: use a special tool, use a lock or other barrier to prevent the wheelchair from being removed, or a safe place for it to stay. But some people have been using social media to find a solution, even if it is only temporarily. An

on the Facebook page of a disabled veteran wrote, “I’m here for you, I can’t wait for you to find your lost and broken wheelchair.”“I just feel like I need to share with you something that is very important to me,” she wrote.

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